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  Mold Remediation Services 

Mold spores exist in just about every location and in every climate.  Mold spores are prevalent in the outside air as well as the indoor air.  Mold growth in the outdoor environment is a natural part of the ecosystem and helps to naturally breakdown organic matter.  Mold growth in an indoor environment, however, is very unwelcome and can be harmful to occupants as well as contribute to the decaying of building materials.


If mold spores are everywhere, why isn't mold growing everywhere?  The simple answer to this question is that mold requires moisture in order to grow.  As long as a material remains wet, mold will continue to grow.  Remove the moisture and mold will stop growing.  Mold growth in an indoor environment is always related to a moisture issue which must be resolved in order to keep mold from growing in the future.


Why Choose Environmental CPR for your Mold Remediation Services?

• We employ a nationally certified AntimicrobialMold Remediation

   Remediation Technician and Water Damage Restoration

   Technician on every job which places us in the top 10%

   of the restoration industry.


• We are trained to national standards for mold remediation

   issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

   and the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and

   Restoration Certification (IICRC).


• Instead of using harmful biocides to attempt to kill mold, we thoroughly

  remove mold and completely dry the area and thus eliminate the need for

  harmful chemicals.

• Each job is guaranteed to pass a mold inspection clearance test by an

  independent mold inspector.

If you smell mold in your home or office, then you have mold!  What you smell are mold Drywallmicrobial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOC's) that are emitted by active mold which produces that "moldy" or "musty" smell. 

Exposure to mold can be an irritant to the mucous membranes and can lead to respiratory problems and illness.  Environmental CPR professionals handle mold issues every day and can safely remove mold from your home or work environment.

In order for mold to grow in an indoor environment, there must be moisture present.  The source of moisture must be identified and stopped or mold will continue to grow.  After water intrusion has occurred, drywall and other building materials may appear to be dry but can still contain enough moisture for mold to grow.

An Enviornmental CPR technician will use sophisticated metering equipment to identify the extent of moisture intrusion in and behind walls as well as in and under flooring material.  After determination of the extent of mold and moisture intrusion, a remediation plan can be made for proper mold removal and professional drying if needed.



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If your property has sustained recent water damage, it is vital to have the water mold wallpaperremoved and the structure dried promptly.  Some molds will begin to grow in just three days while other toxic molds will not start to grow for seven to ten days from the start of the water intrusion.  If mold is black, does that mean it's toxic?  NO!  There are thousands of different species of mold and many are black in color and there is no way to tell if mold is toxic just by looking at it.  Beware of any mold remediation company that tells you that you have toxic mold just by looking at it.   The only way to determine if you have toxic mold is to sample and test by a qualified environmental hygienist.  Click here to view the KNBC undercover investigation of unscrupulous mold remediation companies.

Let Environmental CPR professionals properly assess the situation for you.  If mold isn't completely removed and the structure dried out properly, mold growth will return.  You can trust Environmental CPR to do the job right the first time, guaranteed!
If you have visible mold and would like an estimate to remove the mold, free estimates are available, please call 925-806-0700 for more information.  We also offer inspection and reporting services.
Mold and Moisture Inspection and Report: 
An initial inspection and report for mold and moisture is usually just $250 to $350.  This service includes:

1.  The use of moisture meters to accurately assess the

     moisture content in walls, ceilings, baseboards,

     subfloors, crawlspace, attic, etc.

2.  Written documentation providing details of the extent

     of moisture and mold present.

3.  Relevant photos of mold and water issues.

4.  Recommendations for the prevention of future moisture

     and mold problems.

5.  Estimate for mold remediation and drying services.


Click here for a sample mold remediation report.


Call Environmental CPR today for a free over-the-phone consultation. 
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Large Areas of Mold:Mold Remediation
If you have visible mold and would like an estimate for remediation, please call Environmental CPR today for a free estimate for mold removal.


Environmental CPR services include:

Mold removal and mitigation
Erecting containment of affected areas
Removal of contaminated material
HEPA Negative Air Filtration
HEPA vacuuming of structure
Site preparation for replacement of affected
Structural drying
Drying out of crawlspacemold in crawlspace
24-hour / 7 days a week emergency services