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Emergency Water Damage Restoration


Water removal and in-place structural drying is a specialized business and Environmental CPR is the leader in this area. With over 20 years in the business, Environmental CPR dries the building structure thoroughly, reducing the threat of mold and other pathogens. This perfected system reduces drying time and eliminates the inconvenience that comes when a building is wet. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques dry most homes faster than other companies in the industry.


Why Choose Environmental CPR for your Water Damage Restoration Services?


We employ a nationally certified Water Damage Restoration

   Technician on every job which places us in the top 10%

   of the restoration industry.


• We use only the latest and best drying equipment and water

   extraction equipment on the market.


• Advanced equipment and training allows us to dry

  structures faster than other restoration companies.

• We typically dry out structures in just 3 days compared to 5 days or

   more for other companies.

• We specialize in drying carpet and pad "in-place" without lifting carpet or tearing

  out pad. This can only be done by qualified technicians using the latest drying

  technologies.  Most of the restoration industry lacks the technology and training

  to dry carpet and pad in-place. In-place drying saves time, money, and is less

  disruptive than pulling up the carpet and replacing the carpet pad.

• 30% savings are common when drying carpet and pad "in-place" when

   compared with other companies who still use old methods to lift up the carpet

   and replace the pad.

• Advanced technology and training also allows us to dry out hardwood

   floors in-place.

• Each and every job is guaranteed dry and mold-free.


• Our pricing has been accepted by every major insurance carrier including:

   State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, CSAA, Fireman's Fund, and more.


• Fast response time to your home in just 1-2 hours, anytime day or night.


carpet and floor dryingWhen water saturates your home or business, you must act quickly in order to prevent permanent damage to your property.  Carpet, hardwood floor, wet walls and tile can all be dried out and saved if caught in time.  Even if your hardwood floors have begun to "cup" or warp, our specialized drying equipment can restore hardwood back to normal.  Call Environmental CPR today and have a professional assess your specific conditions and begin the drying process immediately.


Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to extract water directly from the carpet, carpet pad, and subfloor which allows us to dry your home without removing the carpet or carpet pad.  In fact, all furnishings and contents may remain in the affected area while our dehumidifiers and air movers dry the entire structure and all its contents in-place.  This is water damage restoration done right!


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Drying Hardwood Floors

drying hardwood floorsHardwood floors can be successfully dried and restored by using a high pressure air blower attached to extraction mats that will actually pull moisture out of the hardwood flooring.  Additional warm, dry air is pushed under the flooring by carefully removing the baseboard and placing specialized equipment at the edge of the flooring where it meets the wall.  Finally, a dehumidifier is placed in the room to dry the air and speed the drying process.  Even if your hardwood floor has already started to "cup" or warp, a true hardwood floor will return to its initial flat condition once moisture has been removed quickly.

Environmental CPR Water Damage Restoration Services Include:
Emergency water extraction
Hardwood floor drying
Carpet and carpet pad drying

Drying under and behind cabinets
Carpet cleaning and deodorization

Mold removal and prevention
Contents dry down
Structure drying
Media, document, or fine art restoration
Residential, commercial and Industrial

24-hour / 7 days a week emergency services


DehumidificationEnvironmental CPR specialists use advanced dehumidification techniques to remove all water and moisture from drywall, plaster, interior paint, floors, carpets, insulation, and basements. Drying time is reduced with outstanding results.

Professional Technicians use state-of-the-art equipment, thus saving property owners, business owners, and insurance companies money in restoration and replacement costs, as well as the costs of down time and delayed deadlines.


After water damage occurs, the odor may linger in the affected areas unless treated. The Environmental CPR professional is skilled in detecting and removing odors using a variety of techniques.

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