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Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke from a fire or burnt food can penetrate every nook and cranny in the building; leaving smoke residue on walls, ceilings, cabinets, flooring, furniture, etc. This is also true of cigarette smoke which deposits a film of nicotine and tar on all surfaces.

Environmental CPR technicians are trained to locate the source of the odor and the type of residue. Proper cleaning and deodorization will completely eliminate the odors from smoke or burnt food. Our deodorization techniques will neutralize the odor molecules rendering them odorless...guaranteed!

The deodorization method employed will depend on the type of smoke and intensity of the odor. We may employ techniques utilizing ozone generation, thermal fogging, odor vapor modification units, or thorough and proper cleaning.

A walk-through of the property by an Environmental CPR technician will be necessary to determine the proper guaranteed odor removal process.


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