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Pet Urine Odor Removal
Getting pet odors out of carpet and walls can be a true challenge. There are many products on the market that may mask the odors for awhile; but only a professional trained in odor removal can guarantee success.

Pet urine can soak through the carpet, through the carpet pad, and into the subfloor. When the water from the pet urine evaporates, it leaves behind alkaline salt compounds. These compounds must be flushed out and any that still remain must be neutralized.  If the dried urine compounds are not removed or neutralized then moisture or humidity will be attracted to the area and reactivate the odor.

Environmental CPR technicians use a guaranteed removal method that thoroughly cleans and rinses the carpet, pad, and subfloor without lifting the carpet and pad.
First, the area is saturated with a special cleaning agent, then specialized equipment is used to extract the moisture and urine compounds and thoroughly rinse the area.
Next, an enzyme "digester" is applied to neutralize any remaining compounds. In rare circumstances for very difficult odor situations, the carpet may need to be pulled up, a portion of the carpet pad replaced, and the subfloor cleaned and sealed.  




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